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2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019


Atop The Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle, Robert is a classic modern American restaurant offering breathtaking views of Central Park and Columbus Circle. Elegant, sexy, and romantic, Robert celebrates design, beauty and culinary delights. Dine on a menu created by Chef Armando Cortes or simply sip signature cocktails while you watch the sunset and revel in the beauty of the city.


2 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019

(212) 299-7730

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Monday - Friday:

LUNCH: 12pm - 3:45pm

Saturday & Sunday:

BRUNCH: 11am - 2:30pm

Saturday & Sunday:

SUNSET: 2:30pm - 3:45pm

Monday - Thursday

DINNER: 4pm - 10pm,
*Last Reservation 8:00pm

Friday - Sunday

DINNER: 4pm - 11pm,
*Last Reservation 9:00pm

A,B,C,D,1 Trains to Columbus Circle Station

N,R,Q,W Trains to 57th Street

M7,M10,M11,M20,M104 to 59th Street/Columbus Circle

M12,M31,M57 to 8th Avenue/Broadway


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new york city restaurant view
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robert restaurant interior
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robert restaurant
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Wednesday, 7/3, 6-9pm, Kate Cosco

Friday, 7/5, 6-9pm, David DeMotta

Saturday, 7/6, 6-9pm, Scott Gordon

Sunday, 7/7, 12-3pm, Elizabeth Ames

Wednesday, 7/10, 6-9pm, Victor Lesser

Friday, 7/12, 6-9pm, Terri Davis

Sunday, 7/14, 12-3pm, Scott Gordon

Wednesday, 7/17, 6-9pm, Kate Cosco

Thursday, 7/18, 6-9pm, Elizabeth Ames

Friday, 7/19, 6-9pm, David DeMotta

Saturday, 7/20, 6-9pm, Terri Davis

Sunday, 7/21, 12-3pm, Elizabeth Ames

Wednesday, 7/24, 6-9pm, Victor Lesser

Thursday, 7/25, 6-9pm, David DeMotta

Friday, 7/26, 6-9pm, Terri Davis

Saturday, 7/27, 6-9pm, Melanie Marod

Sunday, 7/28, 12-3pm, Scott Gordon

Friday, 7/31, 6-9pm, Kate Cosco


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Situated atop The Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle, Robert is a modern American restaurant offering breathtaking views of Central Park and Columbus Circle. Perfect for private events, Robert celebrates design and beauty in both its decor and culinary delights. Guests will love dining on a menu created by Chef Armando Cortes while reveling in the beauty of the city.

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Tangerines - Johanna Grawunder, 2009

robert restaurant


Johanna Grawunder, 2009

A series of suspended orange Lucite boxes along the windowed perimeter.  

Visit the artist's website

Cherry Blossom - Johanna Grawunder, 2009

artwork at robert restaurant

Cherry Blossom

Johanna Grawunder, 2009

A mobile-like chandelier installation of LED lit Lucite panels.

Visit the artist's website

Sound Wave - Phillip Michael Wolfson, 2009

tables at robert restaurant

Sound Wave

Phillip Michael Wolfson, 2009

Sculptural steel cocktail tables, host stands and a 15 foot communal table bisected by a 6 foot high "sound wave

Visit the artist's website

Teresita Fernandez - Night Writing (Equator), 2011

art at robert restaurant

Teresita Fernandez

Night Writing (Equator), 2011

Hand-dyed and formed paper pulp with UV ink print and mirror
Triptych 16.5 x 65.5 in (each panel)

Teresita Fernández's work is characterized by an interest in perception and the psychology of looking.
Night Writing evokes the dramatic and universal experience of looking at the night sky. Each of these unique hand-made pulp prints is perforated with braille-like patterns that recall constellations. The title of the series, Night Writing, is a reference to "Ecriture Nocturne," a secret code written in the early 19th century to enable Napoleon's soldiers to communicate at night, silently and without light.

Names of people, places and things, from star crossed lovers, to famous gems, to coordinates marked by latitude lines, are incorporated into the works as words translated into braille and made into an abstracted composition of points that are superimposed on sumptuous large-scale, printed images of the night sky. The works become a statement on the ephemeral quality of language and the attempt to grasp the content hidden within the invisible text. Fernandez's works explore this subtle space between blindness, vision, and the tactile.

Lehmann Maupin

193 David Reed

artwork hanging on wall at robert restaurant


David Reed

David Reed is an American contemporary abstract painter. His paintings of large, strong and vibrant brushstrokes incorporate the fluidity of paint with the dynamic elements of light and color. This is recognizable in Reed’s #193 painting in which the dramatic use of colors, shapes and lines, includes an expressive application of paint inspired by light and its evolution as a motif.

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